Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Beauty Tip #2 - Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

A while ago I read about the numerous health and beauty benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning. To start with, lemons are packed with vitamin C, and our bodies are designed to absorb and digest nutrients like this more effectively in the morning or on an empty stomach. I also found out that drinking the juice in this way cleanses the system of impurities, detoxifies the skin, boosts immunity, alkalinizes the body, aids digestion, and stimulates the liver. Sounds good, right? I thought so too, and have been drinking a hot mug of lemon water in the morning instead of my usual tea for a few weeks now. 

When preparing I squeeze half a lemon in my mug and mix with both hot and cold water to make it warm. If it tastes too bitter, I just add a bit of natural honey. I always try to drink it right before my breakfast (which is usually a fruit salad with granola, or porridge) to make sure that I get the full benefits. I don't drink lemon water every day though, otherwise it would get a bit boring! Plus, it's not that great for the enamel on your teeth. So I aim for 2-3 times a week depending on how I feel. If I'm not drinking this, it's either a green tea or just normal tea with milk. In terms of results, since I've been doing this I've noticed that I'm less bloated, have more energy, and just feel more healthy in general. My skin has gradually been looking fresher too, with a bit more of a glow. So for those who need a health and beauty boost, I would definitely recommend trying this.
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Monday, 27 August 2012

Instagram Post #11

As we're coming to the end of August it feels like a good time for an Instagram Post. There have been quite a few changes lately, all of which have been very welcome. After what seemed like months of bad luck, bad finances and general frustration with freelancing, I was starting to feel more and more disheartened with writing as a career. Especially after 3 years, 4 internships and hundreds of job applications! But this week I have finally been offered a new job that doesn't require me to go unpaid/be exploited - at long last! So as of next week I'll be a full time copywriter at Ann Summers HQ, and I'm really looking forward to it. So as you can imagine, this weekend I have mostly been celebrating. A lot. In other news though, I have  been discovering new beauty favourites, enjoying V festival, and launching the OLL store

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I'm also planning to add some new products to the store this week, so stay tuned. On top of this, I'm going to make sure that I enjoy my last week at home before the new job starts, and I can't wait to finally by some new clothes "for work"!
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Friday, 24 August 2012

Wish List: NFD Shoulder Stud Jumper

I know, I always go on about how much I love fashion website Never Fully Dressed and have featured them on my Wish List numerous times before. Now though, I'm desperate to get my hands on a shoulder stud jumper. They're £44 and come in either beige, khaki or black - which are all perfect for the military trend. I still can't decide which colour I want, but am leaning more towards the beige at the moment. They're 'one size fits all' too, which is the same for a lot of NFD items and makes it easier when ordering. I'm slightly loving studded clothing at the moment too, and this kind of style is perfect for the time of year. 

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Beauty Review: Sundari GlossyBox Flash Box

A few weeks ago I received an email from GlossyBox asking if I would like to purchase a special Sundari flash box (£10 + p&p) full of Ayurvedic products. As I'm quite into Ayurvedic health (which is well explained here) I thought I'd give it a go and review what I received. In total I received 7 sample size Sundari spa products. These included a neem & burdock cleanser, neem & burdock moisturizer, elderflower moisturiser, elderflower cleanser, essential oil for Pitta skin, essential oil for Vata skin, and a neem and coconut hair oil. 

Overall I'm really pleased with the products I received, and love what I've tried of the Sundari range. The moisturizers and cleansers are both really gentle yet effective, leaving my skin noticebaly smoother and softer. Plus, they smell really fresh and aren't too heavy. I was dubious about using the Pitta and Vata skin oils at first, as I try to stay away from oil-based products to avoid clogged pores and spots. I tried both but really liked the Vata oil as this is designed for my type of 'dosha'(see which dosha you are here) and found it so soothing and softening as if I'd actually had a real spa treatment. However I only use this once a week or else I'll break out, so if you're prone to spots too I recommend you do the same. The hair oil was really great also, but I'm already a coconut oil advocate (see here) and didn't need convincing on this. The only downside to these products is that they are a little out of my price range. I can definitely see myself buying some in the future though - as a 'treat'. For more information about these products visit the website. Pin It

Monday, 20 August 2012

OLL Loves: Tribeca Shoes

I must admit, I'm quite impressed that I've managed to get this post up so early considering I arrived back from V Festival only yesterday. I had such a great time (Noel Gallagher, Stone Roses and Rizzle Kicks were definite highlights) and luckily I didn't burn or flake out too much, nor did I have much of a hangover. I must be getting better at these things as I get older or something, although I am suffering from the most horrendous blisters EVER despite wearing my trusty Converse. I blame the heat. The topic of shoes is also linked to the next OLL Loves, and I'm currently looking for new styles to add to my collection for A/W. I've noticed that here's been a huge buzz recently on Twitter and in the UK bloggers world about Tribeca Shoes. Never one to miss out on the action, I'd thought I'd take a look myself and see what the fuss was about. All in all, I really liked what I saw, and there's lots on offer at a really reasonable price - I've already got my eye on the leopard print/black fashion boots! There are also plenty of cool creepers, heels and wedges too, and they're all priced from £20. Here are a few of my favourites:

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Friday, 17 August 2012

OLL Store Is OPEN!

Today is the launch day of the OOH LA LONDON online jewellery store and it is now OFFICIALLY OPEN! I only have a few products on the site at the moment, but am planing to adding a couple more in the following weeks. Right now though you can find eagle claw rings that come in three styles (chrome, silver, gold) and large gemstone rings in red and blue. So please check it out now if you haven't already by clicking the OLL Shop tab on the top right hand corner. Anyway, I'm now off to prepare for an interview that I have to attend later today in Richmond (fingers crossed!). After that I'm off to my friends house to prepare for our Essex road trip to V Festival on Saturday. Pretty excited to see The Stone Roses, I'm not gonna lie. Need to decide what to wear now too! 

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

NEWS: Louise Gray x Topshop First Look

I'm really looking forward to the Louise Gray for Topshop collection to hit UK high street stores at the end of this month. The Scottish designer - who has a love of colourful clothing and clashing prints - will be launching the 6 piece fashion collaboration collection to coincide with her Topshop make-up range too. Expect sequins, bold prints and bright colours.

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Monday, 13 August 2012

Beauty Tip #1 - The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

So I thought I would start a brand new feature this week where I share some beauty tips and tricks with you all. The reason for this is that often product reviews can be a bit dull, and they don't always relate to everyone (for example, I don't wear foundation or eye shadow so always skip through these posts when reading other blogs). I'm also really into health products, so I'm hoping that the items I write about in this category will benefit and interest most people - as I think the majority will want to know how to optimize their health and look better naturally too. Especially if you're like me and were born with a rubbish immune system! So the first tip I will be sharing this week is how to use Coconut Oil every day

I started using coconut oil at the start of the year after I found out about the benefits in a health magazine. It told me that by cooking with it (honestly, it doesn't taste like coconut and I even fry eggs with it) and putting it in your tea (took a bit of getting used to but now have it twice a day) it could help ease stress, improve digestion, boost immunity, and make hair and skin softer. So I decided to buy some online (from here) and start using it every day. It has really helped with my digestion (I have IBS) and my skin has been softer too, with an added glow. It's also very soothing, which is great for stress. On top of this, it can be used for people losing weight as it is a unique healthy fat containing lauric acid. I even use it raw on my hair as an oil treatment, on my skin as a moisturiser, and in my bath sometimes too. It really has so many uses, so I hope you'll all give it a try.
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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Wish List: Miss Selfridge Ombre Cable Jumper

OMG I don't think I've ever wanted a jumper so badly. I haven't shopped in Miss Selfridge for a while, but I absolutely love this ombre style candy coloured jumper, and want it in my wardrobe now please. It's ideal for end of the summer/start of autumn fashion too. It costs £39 and is available on the main website

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

OLL Loves: Balance Me Beauty

In the last edition of Glamour magazine I received a sample size face wash by Balance Me. It was the Pure Skin Face Wash (up to £16 for a large size) which claims to be 98.8% natural. This immediately appealed to me because I've been switching a lot of my usual beauty/skincare products to more natural ones lately - using brands like Skin Blossom, Liz Earle, and Neals Yard. I've always used the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish in the morning and at night, as it's great for removing all traces of make-up, but after using the Balance Me face wash I think I'll be switching. Purely because it doesn't require a cloth! You just lather it onto your face and rub off your make-up (even thick black eye make-up) with your fingers, and it won't leave your eyes stinging at all. Very easy and convenient for a lazy girl like me! Plus, it leaves no trace on your towel and makes skin feel smoother and softer. So if you haven't tried it, then make sure you hunt down one of the last Glamour mags in the shops, or visit the website.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

♥ DIY Leopard Print Nails

The other night I decided to try out the DIY leopard print nail design as demonstrated by one of my favourite DIY fashion bloggers, Gem Fatale. I'm always up for trying nail art at home, as I just don't go to nail salons, and this was surprisingly easy. If you haven't checked out the video by Gem, then do it now and give it a go. I used a Barry M lilac, Rimmel Mint Blue, 17 Eye Liner, and the same Nails Inc clear top coat as Gem. Here's my (rather messy) first attempt, and would love to see yours too!

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Beauty Review: High Street To High End Eye Creams

This week I thought I'd do a round-up/review of the various eye creams that I've been testing out recently. If you're anything like me then you'll find yourself constantly looking out for all kinds of different eye treatments, and trying desperately to figure out how to get rid of dark circles. It doesn't matter how much water I drink or sleep I get either, because mine still refuse to budge! So in this review I've included the Garnier Eye Roll On (£9.99 from Boots), Skin Blossom Reviving Organic Eye Cream (£4.95) and Caudalie Vinexpert Anti-ageing Serum For Eyes & Lips (£33 from John Lewis). Each of these products were tested by applying both day and night continuously for a week at a time. So the first to be reviewed is the Garnier Eye Roll On (£9.99):

I purchased it after discovering it was half price in Boots. Although as it turns out, it was a bit of a waste of money. This did pretty much zero for my dark circles, and the consistency is too watery for my liking. The only appeal is the metal roller ball, which is very cool when applied to the area, making it OK for reducing morning puffiness. All in all though, this was a bit rubbish. After this disappointment I thought I'd give the Caudalie Vinexpert Anti-ageing Eye Serum For Eyes & Lips a go(£33 from John Lewis):

I have to admit, I didn't pay for the full size version of this because I'd received a sample size earlier on in the month. To be honest, after trying this product out I don't think I would choose to buy the full size at all. The serum was nice to apply and smelt good, but didn't really make much of a significant difference to the overall appearance of my under eye area. I had high hopes for this one too as I'm a big Caudalie fan! On the upside though, it felt really great on my lips so can't complain there. After not having much luck at this point I decided to opt for one final product - the Skin Blossom Reviving Organic Eye Cream for £4.95:

I bought this from the So Organic website, which I absolutely love. It's full of natural organic beauty products and organic skincare products, which I always prefer to choose over anything else as I try to avoid those which contain nasty chemicals and additives. It's also a great place to discover new brands, which is how I found about about Skin Blossom (I also use their body wash too). As you can probably tell, I think this is one of the best eye creams around (and cheapest), especially when compared to the others I tried. It's thicker in consistency, contains green tea, is 98.85% free from harsh ingredients, comes in a relatively large 15ml bottle, and all in all left the under eye area feeling much firmer looking brighter. It's also really gentle, smelt fresh and is Vegan friendly - so I would definitely recommend this to anyone. 
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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wish List: Studded Shoes

There seem to be loads of really nice studded shoes on the UK high street at the moment. Even if you're wearing flats, studs are a really easy way to add a bit of fashion edge to your outfit, plus they look great teamed with a leather jacket or high-waisted tight trousers. The problem is, I cant decide which style to go for! I really really like these Deena & Ozzy Black & Silver Spike wedges from Urban Outfitters, and am very tempted to buy them. They're £55 though, so am still thinking about it. 

Another shoe on my Wish List is the Vectra4 Canvas Studded Slipper from Topshop. I love the cherry red colour and the fact they're only £28 - which is perfect for people like me who are on a budget.

Lastly, I couldn't help but include the Jeffrey Campbell spike Lita boot (£145) and the Martini gold stud pump. I love his designs as they are always really extreme, so would like both of these in my wardrobe!

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